File 25-06-2017, 13 42 30My name is Shelley and I emigrated from Zululand in South Africa in 2001 to live in the Winchester   area. After many years of working in an office full time and being a companion to wonderful people in the evenings and weekends, I decided to give up the office life to do what I love.

I come from a very large family where I am one of 8 children, and in which grandparents featured greatly. My mother passed away and the grand age of 97, and having children and grandchildren of my own, I understand the pull between wanting the be there for parents, grandparents, and also see to my own family.

I have an abundance of patience and understanding, and good admin skills. I have my own car, a full drivers licence with business insurance, enhanced DBS clearance and carer insurance.

My interests and the things I enjoy doing are varied – here are just a few: Scrabble Reading  Quilting  Tea Gardening Wildlife Cooking Crochet National Geographic Watercolour Theatre Country Walks my iPhone Birdwatching National Trust History Homeopathy  Playing cards  Chess — and having a good natter over a cup of tea.